Chief contractor:
Department of Information Technology and Modelling of the Forest Research Institute

Chief partner:
Bureau for Forest Management and Geodesy (BULiGL)

Cooperating Scientific Departments of the Forest Research Institute:
Department of Forest Ecology, European Centre for Natural Forests, Department of Silviculture and Genetics, Department of Forest Protection, Department of Chemical Analysis, Department of Mountain Forestry

Cooperating national scientific centres:
Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, Faculty of Forestry at the University of Agriculture in Kraków

Cooperating foreign scientific centres:
Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL); The Vienna University of Technology (TUW), Joanneum Research

Other companies and organisations cooperating under the Project:
Taxus IT, MGGP Aero, BlackBridge AG, Bureau for Forest Management and Geodesy (BULiGL)

Radomir Bałazy

Period of the Project implementation:
Starting date: May, 2012
Closing date: December, 2017

Area covered by the Project
The Project covers the area of 6 superintendencies situated in the Sudety Mountains, namely: the Świeradów Superintendency, the Szklarska Poręba Superintendency, the Bystrzyca Kłodzka Superintendency, the Zdroje Superintendency, the Międzylesie Superintendency and the Lądek Zdrój Superintendency as well as 6 superintendencies lying in the Western Beskidy Mountains, such as the following: the Bielsko Superintendency (in part), the Jeleśnia Superintendency (in part), the Ujsoły Superintendency (in part), the Ustroń Superintendency, the Węgierska Górka Superintendency and the Wisła Superintendency which together make a total of 12 superintendencies occupying the total area of more than 1,978 km2 (778 km2 in the Sudety Mountains + 1,200 km2 in the Beskidy Mountains) mostly endangered with disastreous phenomena. The Project covers in part (within the range of circular areas) the area of other superintendencies lying in the Sudety Mountains, such as among others, the Jawor Superintendency, the Bardo Śląskie Superintendency, the Jugów Superintendency, the Kamienna Góra Superintendency, the Lwówek Śląski Superintendency, the Śnieżka Superintendency, the Świdnica Superintendency, the Wałbrzych Superintendency and the Złotoryja Superintendency.